A Lifetime of Parsons the Jewellers

A devoted 300 years of jewellery craftsmanship has built Parsons loyal, family customers. Over that time, families have passed down timeless heirlooms, entrusting Parsons to restore antique jewellery to its former glory. 

A timeless British institution, Parsons remains the UK’s oldest jewellers; nurturing all its traditional service attributes and craftsmanship whilst adopting new methods of reaching out to customers worldwide through its web presence.



While Queen Anne was on the throne, the original clockmaking business was founded by George Edgecumbe



George’s son, John, married Elizabeth Parsons and the business branched out into jewellery


As the firm prospered it used its frontage on the Old Market, to build a second shop known as the Old Queen Anne House

Parsons Shop


A new shop opened but was later devastated in a war-time blitz.  Despite this the business continued.


Edward Parsons, the seventh generation to run the store, died leaving his widow Freda – the last Parson to run the store


With no more heirs to take on the business, it was sold to Paul Davis, who was a family acquaintance


The Banks family purchased Parsons Jewellers & launched the 1710 range


Parsons relocated to Thornbury