A Lifetime of Parsons the Jewellers

Over 300 years of jewellery craftsmanship has built Parsons loyal, family customers. Over that time, families have passed down timeless heirlooms, entrusting Parsons to restore antique jewellery to its former glory. 

A timeless British institution, Parsons remains the UK’s oldest jewellers; nurturing all its traditional service attributes and craftsmanship whilst adopting new methods of reaching out to customers worldwide through its web presence.

The world is very different now to when the shop was founded in 1710, however at Parsons we look to carry our heritage forward and commit to maintaining the same high levels of craftsmanship and customer service that helped make Parsons a household name.

Over 100,000 Engagement Rings have been made and sold by Parsons over the years and at one point it was believed that half of the rings in the south west of England originated from Parsons.

When you purchase a piece of jewellery from Parsons, you not only buy a stunning piece of jewellery you also purchase a slice of history.



Founded in Bristol in 1710 by George Edgecumbe at the time when Queen Anne was on the throne. The shop was originally a clockmaking business.



George’s son, John, married Elizabeth Parsons in 1754 and the business branched out into jewellery.


As the firm prospered it used its frontage on the famous Old Market in Bristol, to build a second shop known as the Old Queen Anne House. Parsons the Jewellers became a household name and trusted source of engagement and wedding rings. To date over 100,000 engagement rings have been made by Parsons.

Parsons Shop


Parsons has survived through numerous wars and at one point was devastated in a war-time blitz. Despite this, the store continued and its name lived on.


Parsons the Jewellers survived through 10 generations of the same family. Which was symbolised on the store with the words "Jewellers through 10 reigns" across the top.


With no more heirs to take on the business, it was sold to Mr Davis, who was a family acquaintance. Mr Davis maintained the companies heritage and ensured the Parsons name and reputation would live on. 


The Banks family purchased Parsons Jewellers & launched the 1710 range.



Parsons relocated to Thornbury in 2019 and the Banks family have made it their aim to grow the Parsons brand globally. 


Experience Our History

Over the years we have kept hold of a range of items from our history and proudly display them in our store. 

Below you will find an example of some of our historic items - to see the full collection come in and visit us in the store.